Bandai WonderSwan Gaming Consoles

Bandai WonderSwan Gaming Consoles are some of the least known video game consoles on the market but they are packed with fun titles that never really got the attention it deserved. The WonderSwan was a handheld game console released by Bandai in Japan and was developed by Koto Laboratory which was owned by Gunpei Yokoi's along with Bandai but unfortunately never made its way outside of Japan during its lifespan which is why it became so popular after its release in the West.

The original WonderSwan had a 16 bit architecture and great battery life which made it superior to the Game Boy Advance, its main rival back then but failed to become gain enough of the market to be called a success due to the Game Boy Advanced offering games that were more in line with what the Japanese market wanted. WonderSwan over time has acquired some of the most amazing game libraries that make it worth it for any gamer that likes to enjoy some good old games.

The WonderSwan is a rarity with not many being produced or even in circulation since third-party manufacturers can’t make copies of it like other old consoles. This makes buying a Bandai WonderSwan the only way to gain access to its large variety of games that are worth every gamers time. This is especially the case if you enjoy anime based games since the Bandai WonderSwan received exceptional support from Square, Namco, and Taito. As a handheld console, it had exceptionally long battery life along with a much faster performance and a lower price which made it such a great buy.

It has bright visuals and can provide hours of gaming not to mention its stylish design making it a treat for anyone looking to get the most out of their retro games. Games that were remade to release on the WonderSwan Final Fantasy IV and Space Invaders ran better than the Game Boy Advance and received many exclusive titles that have great replay value even today. The Bandai WonderSwan was made with the simplest approach to gaming which is why it wasn’t just only simple but also more affordable. If you’re looking for a great retro handheld game console then the Bandai WonderSwan is definitely worth your time.

Who Made The Bandai WonderSwan?

The Bandai WonderSwan was made by Gunpei Yokoi and is regarded as the last piece of hardware developed before his death. Gunpei Yokoi is also responsible for creating the Game Boy handheld system at Nintendo.

Why Did The Bandai WonderSwan Didn’t Come To The West Sooner?

Due to underperforming in Japan, the Bandai WonderSwan’s release in the West was delayed for an exceptionally long time. The Bandai WonderSwan has a variety of exclusive titles that most gamers have never played before.