Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Indigo
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Manufacturer Description

Not only can you collaborate you GBA with your hair color (it is available in arctic, glacier, indigo and fuchsia) but you can be king of game mountain. Portable video gaming entered a new era when the Video game Young boy Advance was released. This is not your older brother's Video game Young boy; the Advance has some effective new enhancements. The screen is larger, better to see 32-bit graphics. It delivers a sharper image than some existing TV-based consoles. You'll likewise see 10 times more colors than the Video game Young boy Color can display. The Video game Young boy Advance runs 17 times faster than its predecessor, permitting a variety of game functions such as scaling, turning and openness results. New left and right buttons give you-and game designers-more options.The Video game Young boy platform(that includes the initial unit, the Video game Young boy Pocket, and the Video game Young boy Color) came to market when most computer game consoles had a life expectancy of simply a few years. More than a decade later, the system is still going strong. How did the Video game Young boy successfully compete-- and in many cases bury-- an attack of faster, more effective portable and house console systems? Let us count the ways: cost, a substantial library of video games that regularly made the most of the hardware's limitations, smart power management that extended battery life, and uncluttered controls. Perhaps it was the system's ultraportable design that enabled devotees to play video games around their schedule, making it the must-have system for kids and adults alike.

Now the Video game Young boy Advance (or GBA as individuals are currently calling it) pertains to us with power that would have been unthinkable in the past. The portable's 32-bit RISC CPU runs circles around the former's 8-bit workhorse, permitting it to process program instructions much quicker. What that means to daily gamers is more detailed visuals, more simultaneous movement on the screen, and better sound. The often-annoying beeps and boops of old-school Video game Young boy titles are being changed with digitized stereo sound. The additional processing muscle likewise means you can even network approximately four Video game Young boy Advance units together, by means of the communication cable, for multiplayer fun off of one shared cartridge. Only 2 Video game Young boy Color units might link together, and each unit needed to have its own copy of the game.

What's not being changed, however, is the broad selection of Video game Young boy video games. Due to the fact that the Video game Young boy Advance system is backward-compatible, it will play its own line of vibrant video games-- including such launch titles as Super Mario Advance, F-Zero: Maximum Speed, Army Guys Advance, High Heat Big league Baseball 2002, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, and Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2-- in addition to all of the black and white and color video games that have actually currently been released for the previous Video game Young boy systems (nearly 500 in total). Gamers can view the older video games in their smaller sized, originally square measurements, or, with the touch of the shoulder button, broaden the game to fit the GBA's bigger screen. We tried increasing the size of the screen on a Video game Young boy Color edition of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 and discovered that Mr. Hawk was much simpler to see.

When you initially get the system, you'll be astonished at how lightweight it is. At fewer than 5 ounces and a little bigger than a deck of playing cards, the system quickly fits into a shirt pocket without any sag. The GBA's larger shape fits better into a larger series of hands. The former design frequently pushed the left and right thumb knuckles together during gameplay. The new design should be comfortable for all ages, and the center screen orientation makes it simple to see.

Video game Young boy Color owners will find the GBA's bigger screen rather darker than they're used to, but that's due to the fact that the screen is equipped with antiglare innovation. Like the old Video game Young boy Color, the color LCD is not backlit, so you require respectable light to play by. Unlike that system, however, you won't be craning your neck and tilting the unit to see around the hot-spot reflection of the light bulb in your screen.

You'll likewise see the graphics. Sporting what's basically an upgraded SNES innovation, you'll see things on the GBA that the huge consoles do, such as scaling (making things bigger or smaller sized) and rotation results-- technological advances that will affect the appearance of everything from crossing a goal to throwing a goal pass to crawling through a dungeon.

Some may argue that Nintendo might have attempted to put much more power into this Video game Young boy Advance. After all, the 32-bit computer game had its heyday more than five years ago. Perhaps, but after handling this new portable, we're inclined to think that Nintendo carefully struck a balance in between size, cost, and power consumption. And thinking about how well the old 8-bit system weathered the years's technological storms, we think the Video game Young boy Advance is here to remain, and we're pleased. -- Porter B. Hall

Unit Specs

  • CPU: 32-bit RISC CPU with embedded memory
  • Screen: 2.9-inch reflective TFT color LCD
  • Show Size: 1.6 by 2.4 inches (40.8 by 61.2 mm)
  • Resolution: 38,000 pixels in a wide-screen element ratio (10,000 per square inch)
  • Colors: 512 simultaneous colors from a combination of 32,768
  • Size: 3.2 by 5.6 by 1 inch (82 by 144.5 by 24.5 mm)
  • Weight: Around 5 ounces (140 grams)
  • Power Supply: 2 AA alkaline batteries
  • Battery Life: Around 15 hours continuous play

Product Features

It features a more powerful processor than any previous portable system, for faster, smoother gameplay The high-resolution, full color screen makes the game jump out at you -- 50% bigger than Game Boy Color Two new buttons, L & R, bring you more control & game options Extended battery life lets you play for up to 15 hours on a pair of AA batteries Compact Game Paks let you store your game progress & are smaller then Game Boy Color Paks

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